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30 Mar 17 04:15 PM
Deal DateCompanyClient NameDeal Type  Qty (000's) Trade Price(Rs.)Value (Rs.in Lakhs)Close Price(Rs.)
30-Mar-2017Alpa LabCHAWLA MAHENDRA SINGHSELL 390.0040.35157.3740.35
30-Mar-2017Alpa LabSHAH RIMABUY 130.0040.3552.4540.35
30-Mar-2017Alpa LabSHAH SHITULBUY 260.0040.35104.9140.35
30-Mar-2017Andhra BankAMRAPALI CAPITAL AND FINANCE SERVICES LTD.BUY 77.0057.7944.5057.25
30-Mar-2017Andhra BankAMRAPALI CAPITAL AND FINANCE SERVICES LTD.SELL 5364.4157.353076.4957.25
30-Mar-2017Apar IndsCHAITANYA N DESAISELL 850.00711.006043.50738.15
30-Mar-2017Apar IndsKUSHAL N DESAISELL 850.00711.006043.50738.15
30-Mar-2017Apar IndsNOOPUR KUSHAL DESAIBUY 1700.00711.0012087.00738.15
30-Mar-2017Asahi India GlassM J SHAH FAMILY TRUSTSELL 1775.00210.003727.50211.25
30-Mar-2017Can Fin HomesCHHATTISGARH INVESTMENTS LIMITEDBUY 248.612080.005171.032091.95
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